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Fees for Service

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Our fees for service are competitive and we never take a commission from grant awards. Consider retaining the services of The Write Source and saving on the cost of hiring a staff member to develop grant proposals and research funders for your nonprofit organization.


It costs nothing to inquire. In fact, buy us a virtual cup of coffee (preferably dark roast) and we’ll give you an hour of our time!


Some clients use our services for a special project because their staff members are either overwhelmed with other responsibilities or they do not have expertise in seeking a particular type of grant.  Others stay with us for years and use our services on a regular basis, allowing us to become a permanent member of their team.

We charge an hourly rate for all grant-seeking services.  Before any work begins, The Write Source provides a written estimate outlining the scope of services and the number of hours required to complete the project.


We charge only for the time it takes for us to complete the assignment.  There are no upfront costs.  We work on the premise that we do the work and you will pay us from existing funds.


Our fee structure offers a number of options:


  • Retainer: A fixed number of hours per month at our lowest fixed hourly rate for us to complete a number of assignments.
  • Project Contract: A fixed hourly rate for only a limited-time assignment such as the completion of a government grant application.
  • Rush Job Contract: A higher, fixed hourly rate when we have less than 15 business days notice to complete the assignment.


Little or no travel is required for us to complete an assignment. We will work with you and your team from a distance using the phone, e-mail, and overnight packages.  Many of our clients use our services in this manner; they know and appreciate the quality of our work and choose The Write Source for their grant-seeking needs no matter where they are in the country.

Our fees to conduct webinars or workshops at an agreeable location are very reasonable.  We charge a flat fee for all half-, full-, or two-day workshops.  Fees for attending our workshops or conference sessions depend upon the host organization.


If your organization contracts to host an in-person workshop at a specific location outside of the Hartford, Connecticut area, we will build the cost of travel into our fee.  As a host, you will supply the meeting room, presentation equipment, and refreshments.  Our fee does not include duplication of workshop materials.  We prefer to work with groups no larger than 40 persons.

The Write Source, LLC complies with the strict ethical standards set forth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), and the Association of Philanthropic Counsel (APC) and never takes a commission from grant awards.


We do not work on a contingency basis and never build our fee into the grant request.