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Grant Proposal Review & Coaching

We are here to be your coach throughout the process of preparing proposals to improve your chances of winning grants for your nonprofit organization.

Helping your nonprofit grow through grants


Presenting a strong, rational, and logical case for support is the best way to win grants! Stating what you want to achieve and how your organization will make it happen in as few words as possible is our mantra.


We will review, critique, and edit any proposal prepared by your organization for clarity, grammar, completeness, and match with the priorities of the funder before you submit your application.


And we will review any proposal that did not receive funding to determine its strengths and weaknesses to help you prepare an effective proposal to submit in the future.


This highly sought-out service provides you with a section-by-section, paragraph-by-paragraph verbal and/or written critique of the areas that need improvement. If you choose, we can edit the document or you can use the critique to do so yourself.


We are here to give you the opportunity to hone your skills when preparing grant proposals for your nonprofit organization. Give us a try!