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Is Your Organization Ready to Seek Grants?

We want to be sure your nonprofit organization understands the purpose of grants and how we can help it achieve its goals.

Helping nonprofits achieve their missions through grants

Think of grants as a fundraising method to jump-start a new project or program that supports the goals of your organization’s strategic plan and furthers its mission.


Grants are not a panacea for replacing funds for general operating support or those your organization is unable to raise from other sources, namely private donors. We work with nonprofit organizations that have a track record in securing annual fundraising derived from a mix of different sources.


Please keep in mind that grants will provide funding for only a 12-month period. Once the grant ends, you will need to support the same program or project with money raised from your other efforts. There are no guarantees in today’s economy that you will continue to receive grants from the same or new funders to support your programs or projects on an annual basis.


It is always wise to remember the fundraising pyramid or hierarchy of gifts that includes the 80/20 formula:


  • 80% of your funding originates from private donors, annual campaigns, events/sponsorships, major gifts, and government contracts for services (different than government grants).


  • 20%, potentially more, of your funding originates from grants including those from foundations, corporations, and various levels of government.


While this is not a hard and fast rule, medium to large established nonprofit organizations often have a similar fundraising mix. That is why we work with nonprofit organizations with at least five years of consistent income or revenue of $500,000 or more and a positive cash flow. Those with fewer years of operation or revenue will not be as successful in obtaining grants for their programs or projects.


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