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Workshop Descriptions

We offer a variety of workshops and webinars for the novice to the advanced grant seeker.

Learn from the grant seeking experts

Securing grants requires a sound proposal.  Learn the basics of preparing grant proposals or sharpen your intermediate skills through a step-by-step approach to the process.  From developing the proposal idea to completing the details of the budget, this workshop provides an outline to use to prepare clear, concise, comprehensive, and competitive proposals.  Become familiar with the different formats required by funders and understand the protocol for grants management.


Choose either a full or half-day workshop format.  Participants will:


  • Understand the proposal process
  • Prepare the proposal idea
  • Develop the proposal components
  • Review the different types of proposals
  • Examine reasons for proposal rejection
  • Explore rules of grant management

Erase the complexity and confusion often associated with federal grants.  Rather than relying on corporate or foundation giving, it may be time to seek out potential federal grants.  More than $300.0 billion in federal grants are awarded each year.


Choose either a half-, full-, or two-day workshop format.  This workshop will help participants learn:


  • Understand the process of applying
  • Considerations for making the determination to apply
  • Find federal grants through online resources and publications
  • Prepare a federal grant application/proposal package and writing tips
  • The federal peer review process

Learn how to present your case for support no matter the type or size of grant you are requesting.  This workshop provides a working knowledge of more advanced components that are required by foundations, corporations, and government agencies. There will also be a discussion on logic models, Gantt and PERT charts, and the different strategies to use to obtain grants for capacity-building projects and capital campaigns.


Experienced grant seekers only. This is a half-day workshop. The learning objectives include:


  • Review current grant trends
  • Respond to requests for specialized components
  • Formulate strategies to develop proposals for programs, special projects, capacity-building efforts, and capital campaigns
  • Prepare proposals for different levels of government
  • Learn techniques to apply for a multi-year or million-dollar grant

Nonprofit organizations continually seek ways to secure needed grant funds to continue viable programs and implement new projects. But where do you begin the search for potential grantmakers?  It can be a labor-intensive process; there are so many resources to consider. This workshop provides a systematic process to identify and locate appro­priate grantmaking sources including foundations, corporate giving programs, and government agencies. Learn what tools to use to match the proper funding institution to the needs of your nonprofit organization.


This is a half-day workshop. Topics include:


  • Identifying different types of resources to use when investigating potential funders
  • Providing a method of determining potential matches
  • Investigating and creating a list of potential funders
  • Building a relationship with a funding institution

Online grant applications are here to stay! How do you convey your case for support when your need statement and project description can only be 2,000 characters in length? Writing tight or to the point to get the attention of the grant reviewer has never been more crucial.  This session provides an outline to use to prepare clear, concise, comprehensive, and competitive proposals.  The techniques discussed will help you in crafting successful paper and paperless proposal narratives including those to the different levels of government as well as foundations and corporations.


This is a half-day workshop or 90-minute conference session. The topics covered include:


  • Submitting grant proposals through various online portals and their requirements
  • Strategically positioning your case for support
  • Tips to write clearly, concisely, comprehensively, and competitively

We also provide workshops on the following topics:


  • Beyond Letters of Intent: Approaching Funders
  • Preparing Reviewer-Friendly Proposals
  • Mastering Logic Models for Grant Proposals
  • Capacity-Building Grants for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Grant Proposals for Capital Campaigns
  • Adapting Your Writing Style for the Audience.


These half-day workshops are designed specifically for advanced grant seekers.