Providing exceptional grant-seeking services for 30 years!

We do more than just design winning grant proposals!

Some clients use our services for short periods of time to prepare complex grant proposals. Others stay with us for years, contracting us to manage all their grant-seeking needs.

When it comes to seeking grants, we are the experts!

We work with a variety of nonprofit clients
of all shapes and sizes

We are proud to have assisted 303 nonprofit clients in 27 states and the District of Columbia win grants to support their missions. With our assistance, our clients received grants ranging from $5,000 to upwards of $11,000,000 from all types of foundations, corporations, and different levels of government.


Contact us today for a free quote. In fact, buy us a virtual cup of coffee (preferably dark roast) and we’ll give you an hour of our time!


We prepare all types of grant proposals, research grantmakers, analyze potential funding opportunities, review and critique proposals you prepare, and help organize your grant-seeking efforts.

Let us help will help your organization incorporate grants into its fundraising mix!


We work with U.S. nonprofit organizations with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501(c)(3) status to help them secure the grants they need to achieve their goals.

As you’ll see by visiting our Clients and Grant Award News pages, we work with clients of all shapes and sizes.


Take advantage of the free grant-seeking and fundraising resources we have to offer!

We have compiled a number of articles and publications as well as links to grant-seeking websites, educational resources, and information about philanthropy that you will find helpful.


Want to learn all about grants? Visit our 2023 Training Calendar offering both webinars and in-person workshops including our popular Intro to Grants training. Register through the hosting organization.

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Our 30-year cumulative success rates are 84% for foundation/corporate grants and 96% for government grants/contracts.

When we prepare grant proposals, we put ourselves in the shoes of the reviewers. Our thorough yet concise narratives are a large part of why our proposals get funded.


Our client’s success is our success!

We work with organizations with annual operating budgets of over $500,000 with revenue from a variety of funding streams, engaged board of directors, current strategic plans, and tracked outcome data. Is your organization ready to seek grants?

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