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Advanced Grant Proposal Writing

Nonprofit organizations often seek grant support but fall short of receiving an award. Competition for grants continues to grow as government funding dwindles.


Learn how to present your case for support no matter the type or size of grant you are requesting. This session will sharpen your grant-seeking skills by making your proposal more competitive.


From an introduction to logic models to making your case for support using 2,000 or less characters, this webinar will help you prepare successful paper and paperless proposal narratives including those to the different levels of government. There will be a discussion on the use of meaningful charts and other visual aids to help reviewers quickly understand the intent of your proposed project. You will also learn techniques to use when preparing proposals to obtain grants for capacity-building projects and capital campaigns.


The intended learning goals are as follows:


  • Understand the current giving trends of foundations, corporations, and government agencies
  • Analyze requests for proposals (RFPs) to determine a fit with your proposed project
  • Prepare reviewer-friendly proposals
  • Formulate strategies to develop proposals for special projects, capacity-building efforts, and capital campaigns
  • Learn techniques to apply for a multi-year or million-dollar grant


This webinar provides learning opportunities for intermediate to advanced (5+ years) grant seekers. The ideal participants will be those with two or more years of experience preparing grant proposals who have an understanding of how to develop a strong needs statement, goals and outcomes, evaluation strategies, and the budget and justification for the project/program they propose.


Register online at Philanthropy Massachusetts.

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  • Start Time

    March 13, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

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    March 13, 2024, 12:00 p.m.

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